When Your Phone Dies, Your Whole World Switches Off!

With Power Pod you always have 2 hours of emergency power.

June 8, 2023   |   by Carolyn

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How much of your life is on your phone?

I never realized how much I relied on my phone until I found myself on the side of the road with a dead battery. I couldn’t use maps to see where I was or open my email to find the address I was supposed to go to, and I couldn’t call for help.

I had to rely on a kind stranger to let me use their phone to call a friend to come pick me up! And it was lucky I remembered their number—all my other contacts were locked away in my dead phone!

Overall I was lucky: I only ended up missing my appointment.

But I had an important job interview the next week, and I knew I couldn’t afford to have this happen again.

I’m diligent about charging my phone every night, but during a busy day, you sometimes use all your battery. It’s unavoidable!


I decided to ask my tech-savvy friend, Greg, if he had any ideas.


When I thought of emergency power banks, they were all giant, bulky things that were hard to charge. I bought one a few years back, but it was so inconvenient I never used it.

Greg convinced me that Power Pod was different. I went ahead and ordered one, and it arrived quickly without any hassle. I charged it up and put it on my keychain. Then I pretty much forgot it was there.

A few weeks later, however, I got out of my cab at the airport and took out my phone to get my flight info. My phone was dead! I thought I had charged it, but I guess it hadn’t been plugged in properly or something.

I was about to panic when I remembered my Power Pod.

It was right there on my keychain! I plugged it in and within seconds my phone turned back on. I was able to get my flight info and enough charge to last for two more hours!

What Is Power Pod?

It's the Power Bank You Actually Don’t Mind Carrying Around with You

My family loves our Power Pods. We never leave home without one.

Even if we never have to use them, it’s nice to have that extra assurance that we’ll always be able to charge our phones.

Power Pod is your must-have gadget that completely eliminates the risk that you’ll end up somewhere with a dead phone battery.

Think of it as battery insurance for your smartphone!


With Power Pod, you’ll never have to worry about your cell phone battery running uncomfortably low or not being able to make a call! Simply attach the Power Pod to your cell phone for instant power.

It’s convenient portable power for your cell phone when you need it most!


So small yet so powerful, the secret is Power Pod’s built-in micro high-velocity charger that delivers instant power so you can do what you need to, when you need to do it!

And it’s conveniently rechargeable so you can use it over and over again. If you have a charged Power Pod, you’ll have a charged cell phone. It’s that simple.


This is a power bank that you’ll actually enjoy carrying around with you! Other power banks are awkwardly large and irritatingly weighty. Not so with the Power Pod.

It’s tiny! And it’s super lightweight! It’s also designed with a handy loop so you can easily attach it to a key ring, backpack, lanyard, or just about anywhere else you can imagine.


Power Pod is manufactured from a durable rubber which makes the device easy-to-grip and resistant to the wear and tear of life.

It’s a perfectly portable gadget designed specifically for on-the-go lifestyles and its craftsmanship reflects this. Rest assured; Power Pod will be there for you when you need it the most.


Compatible with the leading mobile devices such as iPhone, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Huawei, Google, ZTE, Xiaomi, Alcatel, Sony, and OnePlus.

People Are Ditching Their Bulky, Heavy Power Banks for Power Pod. It’s Not Hard to See Why

Yep, they are. All across the country, in fact. Power Pods are just better. I know so many people who won’t take their power bank with them because it’s too bulky and heavy. But power banks don’t work when you leave them at home!

Power Pod is compact and lightweight enough to effortlessly go anywhere, but powerful enough to get the job done!

Power Pods have become an essential accessory for anyone who owns a smartphone. Just ask these satisfied Power Pod users!

Lance V. - Phoenix, AZ


I am so happy to always have a charger on me that can charge my Apple devices. It is very convenient to have it on my keychain. Super simple to use. Just plug it into a USB port and get charging. You can charge your iPad and iPhone, too.


Gerardo M. - Minneapolis, MN


I really like this compact charger. It’s so handy to put on your keychain or keep in your backpack. When my iPad or phone starts getting low, I just reach into my pocket, and I'm topped up again FAST.


Esther W. - Detroit, MI


I love this Power Pod charger! Its charging power is the best. It’s portable and the perfect size for my purse or pocket. It's not like a regular power pack-- it's a true emergency device! I will be ordering more to have one for travel and one for work. Very pleased with this product.


It’s No Surprise They’re Selling Out, But If You Want Your Own, You Better Act Now

This is the mobile device charger that will charge up your cell phone on the spot! So compact, it fits right on your keychain, the Power Pod is the perfect tech device to take everywhere with you to make sure you always have all the extra power you need!

Because of the popularity of this device, the supply chain is having a hard time keeping up with demand. Make sure you don't miss out and order yours today!


Never be stuck with a dead battery ever again!

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Lots of people agree, and that’s why the company is having difficulty keeping them in stock.

Demand is high and supplies are low so visit the official website right now for guaranteed delivery! Don’t be suckered into buying a cheap knockoff. Only the official site has the authentic Power Pod, the best little charger you’ll ever own!



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